Backed by more than experience – enthusiasm for efficient electrical motion.

Driven by the enthusiasm for the performance of electric motors, the company CPM Compact Power Motion GmbH was founded in March 2008. The mission is to provide customers with the smallest and most efficient drive solution through leading-edge products and expert development advice.

Emerging from the discoveries of a successful think tank, which has been considerably driving forward the electrification of vehicles for ten years, CPM develops unique electrical drives, which feature remarkable efficiency and compactness, as well as outstanding force and power density. Developed and tested for automotive applications, our products meet the highest demands for quality and reliability.

Our expertise relies on the design and control of motors plus production and international marketing. What brings us all together is the belief in a change: an electric drive on vehicles and a huge improvement in the efficiency of drives across the industrial sector. Because drives in both vehicles as well as in industrial equipment and other applications are responsible for a large share of energy consumption worldwide. The need for efficient electrical drives that are as small and light as possible, as well as for comprehensive expertise in all things relating to control and product integration, is growing accordingly. We believe that we are making a significant contribution towards energy savings by developing efficient drives.

Since July 2014 CPM is belonging to the Sonceboz Group.